Youth Groups

AbseilingWalking off a rock face backwards whilst attached to a rope.  Great for confidence building

Air Gun TargetA chance to test your aim and concentration with high - powered precision rifles

AquaseilingCombining abseiling and jumping down waterfalls. Seriously fun!

Archery Outdoor or Indoor, Relaxing or Competetive event

Argocat Offroad Eight wheeled, skid steer, all terrain vehicle- a real life roller coaster ride!

Canoeing-CombinedHave a go at both Kayaking and Canoeing in one session

Canoeing OpenA popular option for exploring the magnificent lakes.  A great way to get groups working together

CavingExplore an amazing underground world of passages, formations and wateralls

Claypigeon Shooting We cater from beginner to experienced with a range of layouts.

Climbing WallA great way to learn without worrying about the weather

Go KartCome and put the pedal to the metal on an indoor rally cross circuit

Gorge scramblingA great activity for everybody.  Wet or dry but always fun in an idyllic setting: climb waterfalls, traverse crystal clear pools and even take the plunge.  


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Human BowlingTen Pin Bowling with a difference - a team member is strapped into the ball

Initiative ChallengeGreat fun for all ages and abilities - all that's needed is imagination and teamwork

KayakingThe single seat canoes - great fun but a little wobbly

Mobile Climbing Tower 7m high, 40m squared climbing surface. Comes to your site.

Mountain  WalkBrilliant way to get out and enjoy the Lake districts hills and views.  Great sense of acheivement to be had after a full day hill walking

OrienteeringCompetitive score event. Challenges suitable for all abilities.  Useful introduction to lifelong skills of being able to navigate with a map

RaftbuildingBuild a boat in teams, hope it floats and race it on the lake against the other teams or complete a series of fun challenges.  

RockclimbingWhether your group have been climbing before, want to learn the basic skills or just to want to have fun we have a rock face that suits all

Rockclimb & AbseilGreat way to experience both

Seacliff TraverseA great day out out that can involve scrambling along a cliff, exploring a cave, bouldering and discovering fossils.

Tyrolean pond crossingImagine a horizontal abseil running over a pond and trusting you're friends to keep you dry then you have a Tyrolean Pond Crossing

Walk EnvironmentalTake place in scenic areas and can include walks of special interest e.g. to see how the area has been used over the years for industries such as mining.+

Zipwire CombinedCan either be done on its own or combined with other high rope elelments.  It is also possible to have chocolate fondue whilst you wait your turn for a real treat!