Blindfold Climbing and Abseiling Challenge


You will need a couple of volunteers to facilitate (organise) this task. Your technician will brief you on the skills and safety constraints. You will then have an opportunity to practice your skills.


To get everyone up and down one climb blindfolded. You must review the task and decide what you think your teamwork/processes deserved on a scale of 1-10.

Constraints. You must wear a blindfold when climbing for it to count. You must have at least 2 team members on your safety rope.

Rewards 4 Lunch For Task Achievement

For each successful climb and abseil, one packet of sandwiches .For process and team involvement up to 10 bags of crisps.For a well managed efficient, inclusive and enjoyable process up to 10 chocolate mini-muffins.

Your Trainer may deduct muffins for wildly over-optimistic scores.

Please contact us for prices.

All activities are subject to a 1.50 booking fee per person.