Bush Craft and Kelly Kettle Cooking Experiences

We run these activities at a variety of levels. The basic introduction is popular: putting up a shelter, starting a fire with flint/steel, cooking up some basic food (pizza/pancakes). For the more adventurous we recommend a whole day of bushcraft skills culminating in producing a meal on an open fire and eating with utensils made in the woods. Sleeping out experiences are also available.

Prepare to cook your lunch or afternoon tea using “leave no trace” techniques. Light your fire, boil your kettle and cook your food, then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. This will take place in a beautiful woodland setting.  Take time to explore the woods, watch the wildlife or simply relax while your food cooks.

We can either cook over a Kelly Kettle to make a tasty afternoon snack or we can make an open fire on which to cook a 2-course lunch.  It is a great way to spend a memorable afternoon or for an unusual birthday treat.  Contact us for a full description of the range of cooking options available.

Half day - 46 per person
Minimum price 184
Full day - 65 per person
Minimum price 260
Minimum age 6 years

All activities are subject to a booking fee of 1.50 per person

Bush Craft and Kelly Kettle Cooking Experiences